Review Policy:

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If you have a book and would like Drunken Reads to review it, please feel free to email me at Samness6@gmail.com. The review will contain basic information such as the title, author,  genre, published date and much more. I will also be writing a full review after reading the book and also adding a quick summary of the book. I will talk about the characters, the general plot and my likes/dislikes. If you would like to know how I rate the book please look to your right on the screen and you will find the rating system.  

I accept all forms of books and post reviews on my blog, Goodreads and Facebook.
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Currently, I accept all Young Adult fiction books, romance, mystery and New Adult romance.
(please take a look at the left of the screen for more options in the categories I accept)

Please note: if you request a book review I will try my hardest to finish the book and write a full review. However, I can't guarantee a review if I didn't finish the book, I didn't happen to like it, or I didn't have enough time. Please give me a week to reply back to you if I'm interested in reviewing you're book. If you have questions I am happy to talk with you. You can contact me at the above email address or via Drunken Reads Facebook page here: Drunken Reads On Facebook!
                                                        Currently accepting requests: YES

The Rating System:

One Star
............Is this even a book!?
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Two Stars ★★
Tried keeping my eyes open, but just couldn't! ZZZzzzzzzz!!
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Three Stars  ★★★
Good Start...going downhill...barely finished...but got there.
 Clarissa Explains It All Idk animated GIF

Four Stars ★★★★
Good story line. Strong characters. Enjoyed reading.
 Adorable Cute animated GIF

Five Stars ★★★★★
Oh. My. God. Absolutely loved it! Definitely Obsess Worthy! 
 Nikki Blonsky Tracy Turnblad animated GIF

Six Stars ★★★★★
HOLY MACAROONS! You need to drop everything and read this book now!!!!!   
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