Friday, March 14, 2014

Need by Carrie Jones

4070493Genre: Pixie
Hardcover: 306 Pages
Published: December 23, 2008
Series: Need
            1. Need
            2. Captivate
            3. Entice
            4. Endure
Rating: ★★★★
Goodreads Synopsis:
 Pain shoots through my head. Fireworks. Explosions. All inside my brain. The white world goes dark and I know what's about to happen.
            Zara White suspects there's a freaky guy semi-stalking her. She's also obsessed with phobias. And it's true, she hasn't exactly been herself since her stepfather died. But exiling her to shivery Maine to live with her grandmother? That seems a bit extreme. The move is supposed to help her stay sane...but Zara's pretty sure her mom just can't deal with her right now.
            She couldn't be more wrong. Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's overactive imagination. In fact, he's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something not right - not human - in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs point to Zara.
            In this creepy, compelling breakout novel, Carrie Jones delivers romance, suspense, and a creature you never thought you'd have to fear.
My Review:
         After the death of Zara's stepfather, Zara has been collecting phobias like some people collect coins. She is afraid of pretty much everything. So her mother has decided to send Zara to Main to live with her grandmother. In this new town Zara finds it difficult to fit in. It's cold here and she hates it. Not to mention she keeps seeing a creepy guy all around town who happens to be leaving glittery gold dust behind. Say what!? Well it turns out he is a pixie and not one of those cute Tinkerbell types. Nope. He is pure evil. He is controlled by horrible needs--needs that have been causing boys to disappear and it's up to Zara to figure out why. Because she doesn't know it yet, but this mysterious guy isn't in town to only kidnap boys he has something evil planned and it involves Zara. As Zara learns about who she is, she discovers that there are far more dangerous secrets that her grandmother has been hiding from her. And she is not the only one in town who has supernatural powers.       
            Zara is such an interesting character. She has a kind heart because all she wants to do it save the world, yet at the same time, her self-sacrificing qualities make her extremely vulnerable to her enemies. In my opinion her character was very well written. I seldom found her to be dull or lacking. Also the other characters were surprising entertaining. Her grandmother or Gram for short was a supportive character. She is a very strong, funny and independent woman who loves her only granddaughter to pieces. Which makes the story more realistic to the reader. The love interest was of course cute and desirable. Nick is the type of guy that every girl would fall for and his character fit well with Zara.      
            My favorite part about this book was how the author described the pixies. They are deliciously treacherous creatures who glamour themselves to appear human, and are greedy for everything. I enjoyed reading this book. It has everything. From pixies to Valkyries to werewolves, Need was definitely a diverse paranormal book. 

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