Friday, May 9, 2014

(The) Last Echo #3 by Kimberly Derting

11838803Genre: Thriller, Murder
Hardcover: 358 Pages
Published: April 17, 2012
Series: The Body Finder
            1. The Body Finder
            2. Desires of the Dead
            3. The Last Echo
            4. Dead Silence

Goodreads Synopsis:

In the end, all that’s left is an echo.

Before, Violet's morbid ability to sense the dead led her to uncover dark murders and long-buried secrets in her small town. Now that she's working with a special investigative team, Violet hopes she can help even more people - whether by saving a life or catching a killer.

Although she's relieved to finally be honest about what she can do, her instant connection with her mysterious partner, Rafe, is both confusing and unsettling, and their unique bond creates tension with her boyfriend, Jay. When she discovers the body of a collage student murdered by "the collector," Violet refuses to give up on the case. With her own relationship on the line, Violet doesn't realize that the serial killer is looking to add to his collection and that she may have caught his eye. Will the life Violet has to save be her own?

My Review:

We are back with Violet who can see imprints of the dead people on the killers bodies. This is such cool topic! Anyways, she is still with her boyfriend, Jay who is also around a lot in this book. He helps Violet when ever he can and always has her back.

Violet is still working with the FBI group and learning that there are other people out there who share the same abilities as her. In this book we get to finally meet all the characters from the secret group. There is Sam, Sarah, Gemma, Krystal and finally Rafe. Each person contributes to the group with their own special abilities. Many people have been saying that there is a love triangle between Rafe, Violet and Jay. However, I don't see any evidence of that. The author hints that Rafe has feelings for Violet or at least he cares for her, but he has never admitted that he likes her. So I wouldn't really call this a love triangle. Sorry to disappoint those who love the 'love triangles.' Secretly, I'm glad that's not the case so far.

We are also introduced to some of the bad guys. There is James Nu, who killed his whole family. He and Violet run into each other and he takes a liking to her. Umm.. YUCK! Then there is the main bad guy who we don't know anything about besides him being a murderer. He is called The Girlfriend Collector, creepy much! His entire goal is to find a girl who will love him and if they don't then they go bye bye. We get a insight to how he finds the girls, hurts them, and ultimately kills them and disposes of the body.

Derting brilliantly created a dark, suspenseful mystery that keeps you on your toes and doesn't disappoint. I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this series since it's filled with lots of creepiness and mystery. Overall, a very good book to read if you're into murder mysteries that dab into the paranormal department.     

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