Saturday, June 21, 2014

Evil Star #2 by Anthony Horowitz

Hardcover: 320 Pages
Published: June 1, 2006
Series: The Gatekeepers
            1. Raven's Gate
            2. Evil Star
            3. Nightrise
            4. Necropolis
            5. Oblivion

Goodreads Synopsis:

The second thrilling, chilling installment in Anthony Horowitz's bestselling Gatekeepers series.

Matt thought his troubles were over when he closed Raven's Gate . . . but in fact they were just beginning. His fate -- and the fate of the world -- is tied to four other kids across the globe. The second is a street kid in Peru. He and Matt have never met; they don't even speak the same language. But destiny is going to throw them together as the evil threat of the Old Ones grows . . . and another Gate suddenly comes into play.

Another masterful thriller from supernaturally suspenseful Anthony Horowitz.

My Review:

            Raven's Gate was an excellent first book. It introduced Matt and his story in a very simple manner that flowed from page to page. However, this sequel didn't live up to the expectations from the first book. I really liked the idea of Matt being one of the five chosen ones to save the world from The Old Ones. However, the names for the bad guys kind of suck.

            Evil Star begins with Matt in Peru under attack by The Old Ones. The Nexus failed to protect Matt and he finds himself in the slums with a boy named Pedro. Pedro helps save Matt's life and they start to get to know each other. As the story continues, we find out that Pedro is the second chosen one. Matt and Pedro set out to close the second gate in South America. With the help from Incan descendants, the second gate is closed, but not quite in time.

            While fighting The Old Ones, Matt and Pedro learn new things about their powers. Even though they don't speak the same language in their awakened state, they are able to communicate through their dreams. I found this concept to be the highlight of this book and I wish the author had elaborated more on this topic. Overall, I would say it was an okay book. Not the best second book because it lacked explanation in many situations and I felt like we didn't get the whole story. Hopefully, the third book is better at explaining everything and we get more details on the dream situation. 

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