Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Missing You #5 by Meg Cabot

23218Genre: Superhuman Powers
Paperback: 268 Pages
Published: December 26, 2006
Series: 1-800-WhereR-You
            1. When Lightning Strikes
            2. Code Name Cassandra
            3. Safe House
            4. Sanctuary
            5. Missing You

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ever since a walk home on a particularly stormy day, Jessica Mastriani has had an ability like no other. She became known worldwide as Lightning Girl a psychic who could find the location of anyone, dead or alive. Jess finally had no choice but to embrace her newfound talent, and ended up lending her skills to the U.S. government. 

But her work for them has taken a terrible toll, and Jess resurfaces months later a shadow of her former self, her powers gone, Lightning Girl no more. Her only hope is starting over in a new place, a big city where nobody knows her. It's only when Rob Wilkins unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep that she's forced to face her past. Rob, all the way from back home, needs her help. But how can Jess, her powers gone, find anyone, let alone the sister of a man she once loved . . . when she can't even find herself? 

My Review:

            I am so disappointed with this final book. Supposedly, this series had ended with Sanctuary. Everything in Jess's life had worked out except her relationship with Rob. Cabot sort of ended their relationship with no insight to what would have happened to them if they had actually started dating. Many years later, Cabot decided to add a fifth book to this series to try to wrap up their story.
            A few years after Sanctuary, Jess is finally back home. For the past few years she has been helping the military in finding suspicious people and locating their hiding spots. She has seen death, destruction, loss, pain and suffering. Now back home all she wants is to move on with her life. She doesn't want to remember what happened and how many people she saw die. All she wants to do is forget. The government is done needing Jess's help and she has once again led them believe her powers have vanished. This time, they may have done just that.
            Being home around her family and friends is different. They are walking on pins and needles waiting for her to lose it. So when Rob comes out of no where and asks for her help in finding his half sister, all of her buried feelings toward him come rushing back. But they haven't talked for years and things are weird between them. However, Jess can't say no to Rob and starts to look for his sister.
            The reason why I am so disappointed with this book is because it just ruins the story. Sure we get an insight to what happened to Rob and Jess, but the story should have ended with Sanctuary. It was odd reading this 'final' book because everything seemed off. I didn't like how Rob just came back and asked for her help. He didn't contact her, try to talk to her, or even ask her how she was doing. He just came in, guns blazing asking for help. 

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