Thursday, July 17, 2014

After Midnight by Lynn Viehl

9541850Genre: Vampires
Paperback: 349 Pages
Published: May 8, 2011
Series: The Youngbloods
            1. After Midnight
            2. Dead of Night

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ever since the death of their parents, Catlyn Youngblood and her two older brothers have shared a nomadic existence, always moving from place to place. When they at last settle for good in the sleepy backwoods town of Lost Lake, Florida, Cat thinks she might finally have a normal life.

While riding her horse late one night, Cat meets an enigmatic boy named Jesse Raven. Even more strange than her overpowering attraction to him is Jesse's apparent aversion to daylight. Only under the cover of darkness can they meet. As Cat and Jesse's bond grows stronger, Cat discovers an incredible secret about the Ravens' and her own family's pasts--a secret that could destroy their love. Their families, knowing the truth, conspire to keep them apart. But Cat and Jesse will risk everything to be together . . . including death.

My Review:

            GOSH! I am so over this vampire crazy fan-girl drama shit. I mean, c'mon come up with something new! After Twilight, any vampire books I have read were just nothing compared to it. All  these books recently have a similar story to Twilight or Vampire Academy and it's pissing me off. So it's safe for me to say that I did not like this book at all. A lonely sad girl? Check. A creepy guy who saves her at some point? Check. They fall in love and can't live without each other? Check. Bad guys? Check. Every cliché detail that you can come up with, boring plot, and no originality? Check, check and check.  

            Catlyn aka Cat lives with her two brothers Patrick and Grayson, after the death of their parents. Patrick is the older one and has taken care of his two younger siblings for a long time. After moving from place to place, they finally decided to settle down in a small town in Florida. Starting a new school and making friends all over again is hard for Cat, but she's making the best of her situation. One night, she decides to take her horse out for a late night walk and meets Jesse Raven, the mysterious boy who lives on an island with his parents. As their friendship continues they start to fall for each other, but family secrets prevent them from being together. Yeh, bla...bla...bla... 

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