Sunday, January 11, 2015

Elegy by Amanda Hocking

Genre: Mermaids
Hardcover: 542 Pages
Published: August 6, 2013
13615701Series: Watersong
            1. Wake
            2. Lullaby
            3. Tidal
            4. Elegy

Goodreads Synopsis:

Readers won't want to miss the explosive final book in the Watersong series by New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking

Now that Gemma holds the key to breaking the siren curse, the stakes have never been higher. At last, a future with those she loves—and a romance with Alex—is close enough to touch...but not if Penn has anything to say about it. Penn is more determined than ever to have Daniel for her own and to destroy Gemma and Harper along the way, and Penn always gets what she wants. Now a final explosive battle is about to begin, and the winner will take everything Gemma holds dear.

My Review:

Well... Took me forever, but I finally finished this book. I was so exhausted from being bored to death that it took me years to finally finish this story. Haha jk. not years, but months! I was sadly very disappointed with this series. The beginning of this series was fascinating and I enjoyed it very much. I am a huge fan of Hocking, but this series just wasn't my cup of tea. I realized as interesting and beautiful these sea creatures are, I just have come to the conclusion I don't like them. I have read other mermaid books and the end result is always the same: Eghh no not reading another book about mermaids. So it's safe to say I don't really remember what I read so this review is basically useless... sorry you spent time reading it and I wasn't much help. Buttttt fear not! I have provided a link where you can look up other reviews by bloggers and hopefully that will help you. 

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