Sunday, March 16, 2014

When Lightning Strikes by Meg Cabot

Genre: Superhuman Powers, Psychic
207682Paperback: 266 Pages
Published: January 9, 2007
Series: 1-800- Where-R-You
            1. When Lightning Strikes
            2. Code Name Cassandra
            3. Safe House
            4. Sanctuary
            5. Missing You
Rating: ★★★★★ 
(Jr. High Fiction)
Goodreads Synopsis:
            Jess Mastriani has never been what you'd call a typical Midwestern teenager—her extracurricular activities, instead of cheerleading or 4-H, include fist-fights with the football team and month-long stints in detention. A part of Jess would like to be the prom queen her mother has always envisioned her being, but another part is secretly counting the days until she's saved up enough money to buy her own Harley.

Then something happens that guarantees Jess will be one of the least until her newfound talent ends up getting her dead.

My Review:
                 This is one of my absolute favorite series! Jessica Mastriani is a total badass chick. While walking home from detention with her best friend Ruth, Jessica is stuck by lightning and this is where the real story begins. She isn't a 'bad kid' just because she got detention but she isn't afraid to punch out anyone who talks smack about her brother, her best friend, or herself. I loved her. She was strong, brave and never gave up on her family. So after being hit by lightning you would think a person wouldn't survive but for Jessica something unique happened. She survived for one, but she also got unique powers. She was able to find anyone-anywhere in the world by looking at their picture. But here's the catch: she can only find missing people. So when the feds get a wind of her powers, they of course want to use her for their purposes but some of Jessica's decisions may cause her a heap of trouble. 

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