Friday, May 9, 2014

Angel Fire #2 by L.A. Weatherly

Genre: Angels
Paperback: 720 Pages
Published: October 1, 2011
Series: Angel
            1. Angel Burn
            2. Angel Fire
            3. Angel Fever

Goodreads Synopsis:

Only half-angel Willow, 16, has the power to defeat the malevolent Church of Angels, out to destroy her. When her love Alex, 17, leads other trained Angel Killers, they treat her with mistrust and suspicion. Seb, also half-angel, has been searching for Willow all his life, and both finally feel less alone.

My Review:

            Angel Fire, was just as compelling and creatively written as the previous book. Even though the book was long and we meet new characters I enjoyed reading. At times it was a little boring due to excessive details, but overall, I enjoyed this new story. The character development is well written and it's easy to love Willow's soft, yet innocent nautre. Speaking of lovable characters...lets talk about Alex! He is an angel hunter who accidently came across Willow. He was going to kill her when he noticed that her angel was different than the rest. Due to curiosity, Alex and Willow found themselves falling for each other and jumping into danger together. There love continues in this book with lots of twists and turns.
            As more Angels embark on Earth to infiltrate the minds of humans worldwide, Willow and Alex are determined to find the leader and kill him for good. They have been running for a while and after almost being caught they are running out of places to hide. A special group of Angel Killers is formed that takes the couple to Mexico where they realize a price must be paid in order to accomplish their mission. Willow being a half-angel and all makes her an untrustworthy candidate. However, Alex will not leave her side so the Angel Killers will have to accept her into their fold. In order for them to be successful they will need to train all day, everyday. The Angels will hold nothing back and they must be at their best to save their planet.
            This story and how the angels operate is very fascinating. I loved reading how the power plays between the Angels and humans. Willow's father, Raziel, also added excitement to the plot and brought some surprising twists. The plot was cleverly put together and I'm sure the excitement will leave you wanting more!

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