Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Dance #2 by Linda Joy Singleton

651901Genre: Psychic
Paperback: 207 Pages
Published: June 8, 2005
Series: The Seer
            1. Don't Die, Dragonfly
            2. Last Dance
            3. Witch Ball
            4. Sword Play
            5. Fatal Charm
            6. Magicians Muse

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sabine can't wait to show off her new boyfriend at the upcoming school dance, but she's also worried about her grandmother, Nona, who's suffering from a fatal hereditary illness. The only cure lies within a remedy book, lost long ago. 

Determined to save Nona, Sabine goes to Pine City to visit a distant relative who may have clues. But there's someone else clamoring for Sabine's attention: a fifty-year-old ghost named Chloe who's been appearing in her dreams. Celebrated by Pine City every year on the anniversary of her tragic death, Chloe has become a town legend. Despite death threats and missing the school dance, Sabine must use her psychic skills to solve the mystery surrounding Chloe's untimely demise . . . and lay her soul to rest.

My Review:

            Sabine and her psychic gift are back in this installment with more action and mystery. This series is more of a junior high fiction, but I just love it so much!!! The writing is good and the characters are well written. So Sabine has been keeping her psychic gift a secret from her friends at her new school. But when her grandmother starts to suffer from a genetic disease (which sounds a lot like Alzheimer's) that will lead her into a comma, Sabine must decide what the right thing to do is.
            There is a cure an ancestor discovered, but it has been long-lost in her remedy book. So it's up to Sabine and Dominic (her farm hand, apprentice, man with gift of talking to animals who irritates Sabine to the max) to figure out what that cure is and bring it to her grandmother before time runs out.

            In addition to finding a cure, Sabine starts to dream about a lost spirit that needs her help to solve a mystery that took place decades ago, while planning the dance at school, working on the paper, and being the best girlfriend that she can be to Josh. But what's going on between her and Dominic? And will Thorn and Sabine turn out to be friends even though their personalities are different? 

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