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Prized #2 by Caragh M. O'Brian

9424367Genre: Dystopian 
Hardcover: 356 Pages
Published: November 8, 2011
Series: Birthmarked
            1. Birthmarked
            2. Prized
            3. Promised

Goodreads Synopsis:

Striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister, a handful of supplies, and a rumor to guide her, sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone survives, only to be captured by the people of Sylum, a dystopian society where women rule the men who drastically outnumber them, and a kiss is a crime. In order to see her sister again, Gaia must submit to their strict social code and the oppressive rules of Matrarc Olivia. Meanwhile, two brothers claim her attention as they attempt to understand the environmental trap that keeps the people of Sylum captive, and suddenly Gaia must contend with the exciting, uncomfortable, and altogether new feeling of being desired.

But when someone from her past shows up, Gaia discovers that survival alone is not enough and that justice requires sacrifice.

My Review:

            After escaping from the Enclave, Gaia has arrived at Sylum where the society is matriarchal and the women's numbers are continuously declining from an unknown cause. Gaia is forced to live within the boundaries of this society to be with her sister and has to adjust to the laws enforced by Sylum. As Gaia continues to adjust to this new way of living she can't help but wonder what is left outside the walls of Sylum. Her curiosity gets the better of her and lands her into a heap of trouble.  
            O'Brien writes this unique dystopian world wonderfully. There are many twists and turns that leave the reader guessing what is going to happen next. The romance was light and fun to read, especially that it's a love square. LoL. I adored the two guys that fell for Gaia and the fact that she doesn't fall for their charms easily was refreshing. But my heart will always belong to Leon and I can't wait till they get together. They are a perfect match for each other and they understand each other completely.
            Prized deals with issues concerning love, justice, trust, gender social equality and leadership. This series is for all ages and it's an easy read.

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