Thursday, May 29, 2014

Witch Ball #3 by Linda Joy Singleton

814487Genre: Psychic
Paperback: 208 Pages
Published: January 6, 2006
Series: The Seer
            1. Don't Die, Dragonfly
            2.Last Dance
            3. Witch Ball
            4. Sword Play
            5. Fetal Charm
            6, Magicians Muse

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sabine is finally starting to feel accepted at her new high school. She's friends with the popular girls and even has a cute boyfriend. But Sabine also has a dark secret-she's psychic, and was forced to leave her old school after she accurately predicted the death of a football player. Volunteering with her friends to help run the psychic booth at their school's fundraising carnival, Sabine discovers too late that the fake crystal ball she meant to bring has been mysteriously switched. In its place is the strange "witch ball" she locked away after her grandmother refused to have it in the house. Now the haunted witch ball's predictions are coming true, and Sabine must solve the mystery before its final prediction-her own death-becomes a deadly reality. Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Visionary Fiction Book..

My Review:

Still trying to find the long-lost cure, Sabine and Dominic have been through a lot of danger. They have found the charms except two remaining ones that will help them find this mystery cure. Nona's disease is progressing and Sabine is worried out of her mind. At the end of the last book, when Sabine had found a charm she also found a witch ball. She discovers, unfortunately, that the witch ball is possessed by an angry spirit who causes quite a bit of chaos. Manny, Sabine's school newspaper editor and one of the few people who knows about her gift, uses the ball at a fortune-telling booth. This causes major problems when all of his predictions start to come true and he predicted that Sabine will die at the end of the week!   

Trying to track the people that Manny made predictions for is a very hard task. Sabine learns new information about her classmates and about her self while trying to keep a hold onto her life. She becomes closer with her Goth friend Thorn, feels a strange, powerful, and confusing connection with Dominic, and tries to deal with her mother who doesn't accept her gift. Will Sabine die at the end of the week? Will she and Dominic be able to find the cure to help Nona? Or will she fail and let life be taken over by the numerous problems that she's facing?

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