Friday, June 13, 2014

Darkest Hour #4 by Meg Cabot

23224Genre: Ghosts
Paperback: 316 Pages
Published: December 28, 2004
Series: The Mediator
            1. Mediator
            2. Ninth Key
            3. Reunion
            4. Darkest Hour
            5. Haunted
            6. Twilight

Goodreads Synopsis:

When the nineteenth--century ghost of Maria de Silva wakes her up in the middle of the night, Suze knows this is no ordinary visitation -- and not just from the knife at her throat, either. In life, Maria was the fiancee of Jesse -- the same Jesse who was murdered a hundred and fifty years before. The same Jesse Suze is in love with.

Maria threatens Suze: The backyard construction must cease. Suze has a pretty good idea what -- or rather, who -- Maria doesn't want found. But in solving Jesse's murder, will Suze end up losing him forever?

My Review:

            This is by far the most romantic book in this series. I found it to be heart wrenching, sad, happy and everything in between. I loved this book the most because we get to go deeper behind Jesse's past and we met some of the people he knew. I also loved that Suze and Jesse have come a long way to admit their feelings for each other. Finally, their romance has started to pick up pace and it has gotten me all giddy!!!
            Suze comes face-to-face with Maria, the ghost who was engaged to her beloved Jesse. Maria isn't able to move on from the real world because she has been harboring secrets from Jesse for years. She wants to tell him what really happened the day of their wedding and he died because of her. But before Maria has a chance to tell Jesse anything, Suze and Jesse find out there were more secrets in his past that have now surfaced. The plot quickly gets interesting and gets the reader guessing who killed Jesse decades ago. Plus things start to get more interesting when Suze finds out the eight-year-old boy she is babysitting is also a mediator. I really liked how Cabot put surprising gems into her story that kept the reader entertained through out the book.

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