Friday, June 13, 2014

Crimson Frost #4 by Jennifer Estep

13130275Genre: Mythology
Paperback: 354 Pages
Published: December 24, 2012
Series: Mythos Academy
            1. Touch of Frost
            2. Kiss of Frost
            3. Dark Frost
            4. Crimson Frost
            5. Midnight Frost
            6. Killer Frost

Goodreads Synopsis:

For a moment, a face flashed before my eyes—the most hideous face I’d ever seen. No matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened, I saw him everywhere I went. It was Loki—the evil god that I’d helped set free against my will.

I should have known that my first official date with Logan Quinn was destined to end in disaster. If we’d gotten into a swordfight, or been ambushed by Reapers, I’d have been more prepared. But getting arrested mid-sip at the local coffee hangout? I didn’t see that one coming.

I’ve been accused of purposely helping the Reapers free Loki from his prison—and the person leading the charge against me is Linus Quinn, Logan’s dad. The worst part is that pretty much everyone at Mythos Academy thinks I’m guilty. If I’m going to get out of this mess alive, I’ll have to do it myself…

My Review:

            The first half of the book everyone wrongly accused Gwen of being Loki's Champion causing chaos and drama. Gwen just let everyone talk shit about her and wallowed in self-pity about how unfair it was, yet, she DID NOTHING ABOUT HER SITUATION! What happened to the outspoken no nonsense taking girl we first met? I was so annoyed and frustrated with Gwen through out this book and that's why I give this book three starts.

         Finally, things started to get interesting when a priceless artifact is stolen from the library at the time Gwen was working. Of course this is going to cause more suspicion on Gwen since she has been there every time something has been stolen or someone has been killed. And I remember this happening in the beginning when Gwen was in a tough situation she would stand up for herself, but now she just wallowed... Also another thing that annoyed the heck outta me was how everyone kept calling each other by what they were. Like, "Spartan" or "Valkyrie." They all have use them.

            So far this series has been very up and down. The first book was good then the second sucked. Then the third was better and so on. I always expect a series to get better as it progresses, but for some reason this series has given me a head ache. Overall, its was an okay read. I would have liked to see more drama and action, but it is what it is. Hopefully, the next book is a little better, but I ain't holding my breath. 

P.S. The covers aren't that appealing either! :(

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