Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Magician's Muse #6 by Linda Joy Singleton

7882701Genre: Psychic
Paperback: 295 Pages
Published: October 1, 2010
Series: The Seer
            1. Don't Die, Dragonfly
            2. Last Dance
            3. Witch Ball
            4. Sword Play
            5. Fetal Charm
            6. Magician's Muse

Goodreads Synopsis:

The Final Book in Linda Joy Singleton's Popular Paranormal Series, The Seer

A whisper, too soft to swirl wispy candle smoke, carried across time, beyond life and death—and was heard. "Our bargain is sealed. My secrets will be yours-when the girl dies."

In the thrilling climax to The Seer series, Sabine's psychic abilities, sleuthing skills, and courage are pushed to a dangerous edge as she deals with the mysterious disappearance of her ex-boyfriend Josh, a new threat against her boyfriend Dominic, evil magicians (both living and dead)—and a coldblooded murder.

My Review:

Sabine's life seems too good to be true. She has finally admitted her feelings to Dominic and they are now together. Her grandmother is feeling better and all is well with her family and friends. Then her ex-boyfriend's mother calls saying that Josh is missing. Sabine goes over to Josh's house in order to find clues to where he is. Unfortunately, while searching for clues, she sees her half sister, Jade, making out with Josh's best friend and her arch nemesis. Angry and hurt, Sabine confronts Jade only to be shut down and told her to mind her own business. Later, when Jade calls, Sabine ignores all her phone calls, but feels guilty when her father calls telling her of Jades disappearance. The two disappearances might be related and it's up to Sabine and Dominic to figure out who's behind all this craziness.

But things start to get more interesting when a P.I. shows up looking for Dominic, and his past comes back to haunt him. He's given his word that he'll help find Josh, but when he starts talking about moving and starting all over, Sabine realizes she doesn't want to lose  him. She just got him and now life is in the way again. Overall, an amazing serious. Even though this is a more of junior high fiction, I enjoyed the characters and the plot very much. I found this to be a very light and quick read. 

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