Monday, June 16, 2014

Safe House #3 by Meg Cabot

187809Genre: Superhuman powers
Paperback: 272 Pages
Published: January 9, 2007
Series: 1-800-Where-R-You
            1. When Lightning Strikes
            2. Code Name Cassandra
            3. Safe House
            4. Sanctuary
            5. Missing You

Goodreads Synopsis:

JESS MASTRIANI was on vacation when Amber went missing. Most people blame Jess for Amber's brutal slaying, but how could Jess -- even with her psychic ability to find anyone, anywhere -- have stopped the cheerleader from turning up dead, without having known she was even missing?

When yet another cheerleader disappears, Jess has a chance to redeem herself. If she can just find the girl before it's too late, maybe Jess will finally have a chance to be part of the in crowd. Except that it's starting to look like being "in" might just get you -- not to mention your loved ones -- killed. So much for popularity.

My Review:

            It is Jess's first day of school as a Junior and she is determined to make a good start. She has a new wardrobe, style, wants to have a new attitude ( letting go of her anger management issues), and spending less time in detention. On the first day, she discovers while she was on vacation, Amber, a cheerleader at her school went missing and turned up dead. Everyone blamed Jessica for Amber's death, since Jess was keeping up the facade of not having any powers. This totally pissed me off! How can anyone blame someone else for a persons death when they don't know any of the details? Like seriously!?
            Any who... Jess feels extremely bad and miserable about this, but what could she have done. Trying to clear her name, Jess discovers that the main suspect for Amber's death is her boyfriend, Mark. When another cheerleader goes missing, Jess is determined to find her. With the help from Rob, they are able to find Heather in an abandoned warehouse, in a state of shock and temporary memory loss. Jess also finds out that Amber was preganent with Mark's child and she wanted to get married. However, Mark didn't want to give up his football career and strangled Amber to death.

            Jess was considered a hero after finding Heather. This also causes the FBI to keep a closer eye on Jess thus resulting in her failure to keep her powers hidden. The only one who knows her powers still exist is Rob and she knows he won't tell a soul. Their relationship is still in the air, not going anywhere. At numerous times Jess has tried telling Rob how she felt, but he kept changing the subject. Hopefully, in the last three books something changes!

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