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Twilight #6 by Meg Cabot

Genre: Ghosts
Paperback: 336 Pages
Published: December 27, 2005
Series: The Mediator
            1. Mediator
            2. Ninth Key
            3. Reunion
            4. Darkest Hour
            5. Haunted
            6. Twilight

Goodreads Synopsis:
Suze has gotten used to ghosts. She's a mediator, after all, and communicating with the dead is all in a day's work. So she certainly never expected to fall in love with one: Jesse, a nineteenth- century hottie. But when she discovers that she has the power to determine who becomes a ghost in the first place, Suze begins to freak. It means she can alter the course of history ... andprevent Jesse's murder, keeping him from ever becoming a ghost -- and from ever meeting Suze.

Will Jesse choose to live without her, or die to love her?

My Review:

            A few months after the ending of Haunted, Suze and Paul have come to an uneasy truce because of the amount of time they have to spend together. But the lure of learning more about her powers, what it means to be a shifter, and her desire to keep Jesse safe from Paul's devious plans has Suze getting 'mediator lessons' from her enemy. It isn't easy being around the guy who you want to kill, but Suze has to suck it up for Jesse. While getting lessons from Paul, Suze is also spying on him. She knows he's up to no good and if she can figure out what he wants then maybe she can stop him.

            During one of their meetings Paul explains how shifters have the ability to go back in time. Suze is skeptical about this idea at first. You need a lot of training, power, and strength to be able to go back in time and if you accidently change something then the entire world can be affected in major ways. When Suze finds out that Paul wants to go back in time and stop Jesse from being murdered so he won't become the ghost Suze loves, she freaks out. She doesn't want that to happen because she is in love with Jesse. If he survives then there won't be a Jesse and Suze. But how can she be so selfish? Will Suze be able to stop Paul or will she let him do what he wants so Jesse can life a full life?           

        The plot gets thicker at this point of the book. Suze doesn't want Paul to go back to change something that can ruin her life in the present. But Paul is set on his idea and he will go back in time no matter what. While trying to stop Paul, Suze and Jesse are caught in this mess and end up going back into time to when Jesse was murdered. Cabot threw in this crazy plot twist and I was honestly caught off guard. I didn't expect all of them to go back in time. I can't believe this amazing series has finally come to an end! I enjoyed this roller coaster ride and if you haven't read this series yet, then I suggest you drop what you're doing and go find a library near you!   

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Here's some crazy news! Meg Cabot has announced that there will be a 7th installment to her Mediator series. WHATTTTTTTTT!!!! OH. MY. GOD!!! I CAN'T EVEN HOLD IN MY EXCITMENT!!!!! 

Book Info:

In REMEMBRANCE, the seventh installment of the Mediator series, all Susannah Simon wants is to make a good impression at her first job since graduating from college (and becoming engaged to Dr. Jesse de Silva).

But when she stumbles across an ancient murder, old ghosts—and ex-boyfriends—aren’t all that come back to haunt her.

REMEMBRANCE will be the first ever adult installment of the Mediator, published by William Morrow, the adult division of HarperCollins, the company that brought you the YA books in the series.


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