Friday, April 25, 2014

River Cast #2 by Samantha Young

10442127Genre: Werewolves
Paperback: 385 Pages
Published: October 10, 2011
Series: The Tale of Lunarmorte
            1. Moon Spell
            2. River Cast
            3. Blood Solstice

Goodreads Synopsis:

Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance... 

Swept into the world of the Daylight Coven, Caia is caught between her loyalty to the Daylights and her new insight into the hearts of the Midnights. As more obstacles are thrown in her and Lucien's way, Caia is pushed further adrift from him and Pack Errante. With no one to turn to, Caia has to make the most difficult choice of all... 

Who does she truly belong with? The Daylights or the Midnights?

YA Paranormal Romance recommended for ages 16 and up.

My Review:

What made me love this book more than the first, was how the author incorporated The Pack into Caia's life, but still somehow made it the center of the story. I have a better understanding in the politics that surround the packs and the Daylight/Midnight Covens.

River Cast started right where the first book left off. Caia is still with her pack, trying to fit in. She is helping the Daylight Coven with her visions of what's going on with the Midnights. As the days go by, Caia is more confused about this war. What was supposed to be black and white, good and evil, is now blurred lines. And since Lucian has clearly stated his feelings for Caia, she has no one left to truly confined in. She thought Lucian would be that strong rock in her life that kept everything from falling apart, but he just seems like a controlling jerk. I'm not sure how I feel about him yet, but hopefully by the third book he steps up.    

One of Caia's visions lead her to the center of the Daylight Coven headquarters where she is thrown into seminars, classes, and training sessions. After meeting their leader Marita, Caia distrusts her immediately. Marita will stop at nothing to keep Caia at the Center aiding in the war against the Midnights. However, Caia knows better to trust this women not because she has a gut feeling, but because Marita tries to throw a wedge between Caia and Lucian in hopes that Caia will stay at the center.  

This second installment didn't suffer from the 'second book sucks ass syndrome,' so I think that's a plus. Also the pacing was on point, the plot was suspenseful and entertaining, and the characters were easy to connect with. I liked this new take on werewolves mixed with magic. It's something new and intriguing.  

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