Saturday, May 10, 2014

Angel Fever #3 by L.A. Weatherly

10314229Genre: Angels
Hardcover: 496 Pages
Published: November 26, 2013
Series: Angels
            1. Angel Burn
            2. Angel Fire
            3. Angel Fever

Goodreads Synopsis:

As half-angel Willow strives to save the world from her parasitic otherworldly kin, romance and tension heat up to a climactic finale.

In the devastated remains of the world, millions of people live in "refugee" camps provided by the angels who have all but enslaved humanity. As this angelic stranglehold tightens, Willow and Alex are recruiting and training new Angel Killers while struggling to hold ground on the celestial battlefield. But Willow continues to have feelings for Seb, and her love and resolve are tested as a shattering revelation sends Alex on a separate journey. Now that the final battle versus the angels is about to begin-and the fate of the world hangs in the balance-each of them must face the consequences of their own choices. Will love endure? Will the human race survive?

My Review:

            The war is finally here. Alex, Willow, and the Angel Killers have trained months for this ultimate showdown and are ready to fight. Along the way they lost a few friends, but they have managed to stay together and remember what they are fighting for. In the previous book they were leaving Mexico to find a secret base that would provide them with the weapons to annihilate the Angels.
            To make things worse, Raziel has put a hit out for Willow and her friends. If they are spotted they are to be killed on the spot. The Angel Killers must be on the lookout if they want to survive and go to war. Meanwhile, Raziel  is opening a portal to bring the rest of the Angels to Earth to take over. However, Alex's father built a machine long time ago and if they can get it to work, then Alex can travel to the other side of the portal and stop the Angels from entering.

            There is so much going on that at times I was overloaded with information. The characters are going through so much pain and loss that it's sad to see them suffer. I have come to love each character and it was sad to see some of them die. Alex and Willow's relationship has taken a hit when Seb came into the picture. There is of course a love triangle--which I am not a fan of-- that complicates everything. Seb is in love with Willow since she is the only other half-angel he can relate to. But Willow loves Alex and Alex is not sure how he feels and is undecided. Goshhh! It was so annoying trying to keep up with the love tangle. Overall, the plot was exciting and well paced. Definitely a new take on the Angel world and I admire Weatherly for showing how angels can have a bad side to them.  

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