Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clockwork Prince #2 by Cassandra Clare

10025305Genre: Angels, Werewolves, Nephilim
Hardcover: 502 Pages
Published: December 6, 2011
Series: The Infernal Devices
            1. Clockwork Angel
            2. Clockwork Prince
            3. Clockwork Princess

Goodreads Synopsis:

In magical Victorian London, orphan Tessa found safety with the Shadowhunters, until traitors betray her to the Magister. He wants to marry her, but so do self-destructive Will and fiercely devoted Jem. Mage Magnus Bane returns to help them. Secrets to her parentage lie with the mist-shrouded Yorkshire Institute's aged manager Alyosius Starkweather.

My Review:

As much as I loved the first book in this series I wasn't feeling it in the sequel. It was a good book with lots of action and drama, but I just couldn't really see the point in the second book.

Do they find Mortmain? No.

Do they find out where he might be hiding? No.
Do they find out what Mortmain wants Tessa for? No.
Do they find out what Tessa is or how she has such strong powers? No.
Do they find Tessa's brother? No. (The whole point of the first book was that Tessa was looking for her brother... soo where he at?)

Do Tessa and Jem have something going on? Yes.

Do Tessa and Will have something going on? Yes.
Do I hate love triangles? Yes, with a passion.

Do you get my point? Hopefully.

            So after moving in at the Institute with the Jem, Will and the others, it has taken some time for Tessa to fit in, but she finally has. She has agreed to use her powers to help the Shadow hunters fight Mortmain and save the world only if they help her find her brother. Turns out things aren't always as they seem. There are traitors in the mist and they will do anything to kill Tessa and get her out of the way. They still don't know how or why Tessa is so powerful, but they know for sure that she can defeat Mortmain.  

            To defeat Mortmain, Tessa must learn to fight like a Shadow hunter. Day and night she trains with Will and Jem. Spending so much time with these two hot guys you would think Tessa would fall for one of them, but she falls for both guys. At heart Tessa will always love Will, but he doesn't want to be with Tessa and pushes her away at every opportunity. And by the end of the book I was so furious that my copy of this book was thrown across my room. I refused to read the ending because I was speechless. Yes the ending was jaw dropping and no I didn't like it at all! I'm surprised at Tessa's choice and hopefully the third book gives us more answers than questions.

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